Peter’s worried about Carla but she tells him she’s just upset about her stepfather. Steve is put out that Tony has stayed overnight and rudely pretends not to have heard when Tony and Liz invite him to Tony’s birthday drinks. Fiz starts to worry when Sinead ponders if Roy is becoming a recluse. Sophie isn't happy when Maddie attempts to steal a bottle of vodka from the Corner Shop and is spotted by Dev. Peter has to intercede when Carla takes her frustrations out on the Underworld staff. Eileen’s annoyed to see Lloyd and Andrea fawn over each other in the cab office. Fiz is intrigued to hear from Sean that Todd’s got a secret boyfriend and worries when Anna tells her that Roy has failed to pick up Hayley's ashes from the undertakers. Carla tells Michelle she doesn’t want children. Jason doesn't want to go for Tony's birthday drinks. Lloyd tells Andrea that Steve has always been against the two of them being together. Tina puts pressure on Peter to tell Carla about their affair. Liz is furious with Steve for being rude to Tony but Eileen backs him up. Michelle persuades Carla to take the pregnancy test. Maddie admits she took the bottle as an attention-seeking ploy. Fiz is bemused to see a strange shelving unit in the café that Roy brought down from the flat. Tony's birthday brinks begin. Steve refuses to join in and tells him that he doesn't want him staying overnight again. Tina demands that Peter tells Carla now. He sets off to do so. Carla takes the test and awaits the result...


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