Eileen makes Marcus leave No.11 first thing in the morning. Tim is annoyed to find Tyrone hasn't got round to working on his van yet. Maria changes the flat's locks. Audrey is surprised she's going to such lengths over Marcus. Chesney feigns interest in Roy's train set, hoping to coax him back into the real world. Stella panics as Kevin wants No.13 back when he returns. Maria starts a row with Marcus in the Street, although she feels triumphant rather than angry. She turfs Fiz out of the flat when Fiz admits she had her suspicions about Marcus and Todd. Maddie goes to visit Ben to boost her spirits, at Sophie's suggestion. Kirk suggests to Maria that she talk to Marcus to get closure. Stella finds a letter from Kevin giving the Prices notice, which Gloria had misplaced. Kevin agrees not to throw them out as long as he has a bedroom. Maddie thanks Sophie for everything she's done for her and they share a passionate kiss. Sophie leads her up to the bedroom. Todd tries in vain to get Marcus to speak to him. He tells Marcus he'd have gone with another man eventually. Marcus stays with a friend from work. Todd is determined that he and Marcus will be together. Summoned by Maria, Marcus tries to explain his feelings and says he loves her. Maria tells him to stay away from her and Liam.


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