Episode 835
Production code P228/835
ITV transmission date 23rd December 1968 (Monday)
Stories by Harry Driver
Esther Rose
Bruce Norman
Writer Geoffrey Lancashire
Designer Roy Graham
Director Tim Jones
Executive Producer H.V. Kershaw
Producer John Finch
Previous episode 18th December 1968
Next episode 25th December 1968


Jack looks forward to a quiet night behind the bar with so many of the regulars taking part in the panto. Stan and Len come into the Rovers for pre-curtain drinks in full costume. Stan is a bag of nerves. Frank Barlow rings Ken and Val, annoyed they're going to Majorca for Christmas when he wanted to visit them. Albert isn't talking to them either. Reverend James joins the menfolk in the Rovers and buys them drinks. Hilda threatens Len and Stan when they bring a crate of ale to the panto. Minnie is shattered after being up all night learning the lines to prompt the cast. The panto starts at 6.30pm with Emily directing, teas by Effie Spicer and music by Ena Sharples with Alf Chadwick on the piano. Len, Albert and Stan leave beer around the stage to keep them going and ad-lib to find excuses to swig their drinks. Minnie prompts when not needed. Ken and Val realise they don't want to go and call off the trip. Annie practices her singing in the back room and her voice carries through to the stage. Effie and Ray inadvertently walk on stage when taking cakes across one side to the other. Hilda gets angry with menfolk as they continue to drink on stage. Ken turns up and invites Albert for his Christmas dinner. Hilda harangues Albert for being behind the drinking and they almost miss the curtain call. The panto ends with Elsie leading everyone in Jingle Bells.

Cast of Aladdin:
Aladdin - Lucille Hewitt
Wishee Washee - Hilda Ogden
Princess Balroubadour - Audrey Fleming
Widow Twankee - Stan Ogden
Abanazer - Len Fairclough
Genie - Albert Tatlock
Emperor Ming - Reverend James
Empress Ming - Annie Walker
Moon Jade - Maggie Clegg
Lotus Flower - Elsie Tanner
Slave Girl - Marj Griffin
Chi Chi - Gordon Clegg
An An - Dickie Fleming


Regular castEdit

Guest castEdit



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