Anna is on tenterhooks as it seems Phelan is going to give the game away. She's relieved when he tells the Windass/Armstrongs that Anna has been onto Valerie, who has persuaded him to release Owen and Gary from the contract and turn the CCTV footage over to them. Peter allows Tina to seduce him. Carla and Simon are annoyed as they realise Peter has let them down again. Owen signs the new contract and Phelan leaves. Tyrone and Fiz insists that Maria come for a drink with them. Peter sleeps with Tina. She's pleased with herself. Owen and Gary are in shock at Phelan's actions, although Owen will now have to repay the £80,000 loan to the bank. Anna doesn't like them talking about it and says they should be grateful. Kevin invites Sally over to sort things out with Sophie. Carla searches for Peter at the Rovers. Steve and Michelle tell her he was there earlier. Lloyd meets Andrea to apologise and ask if she really does love him. Peter can't face Carla and gets drunk in the factory. Kirk sees him and expresses concern but Peter tells him to stay quiet if he wants to keep his job. Andrea and Lloyd declare their love for each other. Michelle sees Steve texting Peter and wonders what's going on. Maddie refuses to move back into No.4 and Sally refuses to have her. Kevin suggests she and Sophie move in with him. They agree but Sally thinks he's nuts. Anna feels guilty when Owen tells her how grateful he is to her. Tyrone and Maria enjoy reminiscing about the old days. Peter returns home and concocts a story about helping a friend from the AA but Carla smells drink on his breath.


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