Carla puts Peter under house arrest and gets Steve to baby-sit him while she asks Dev not to serve him alcohol at the shop. Peter is embarrassed by the whole fiasco, especially when Carla insists he needs a stint in rehab. Gail finds out Michael Rodwell is due in court next week. At Dev's suggestion, she enrols in a self-defence class at the gym. Rob worries about the strain on Carla of keeping Peter off the booze. Audrey sends Maria home when she is rude to Mary at the salon, advising her to get things into perspective. Peter begs Steve for a drink to ease his pain but Steve refuses. Rita finds out Dennis is in Weatherfield General having been beaten up. She goes to visit him, although Norris thinks she should ignore his cry for help. Maria refuses to apologise to Todd and they trade insults when they cross each other in the Street. Tyrone escorts her home. Tracy wants to take up Tony's offer of cheap gear but Rob is still against it. Norris goes with Rita to the hospital, where Dennis is pleased to see her. Maria is grateful for Tyrone's support. Reminiscing about their engagement on Blackpool Tower, Maria laments how lousy her love life has been since they split up. He is shocked when she tries to kiss him.


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