Tyrone recoils from Maria's kiss and asks what she's doing. Mortified, Maria apologises and asks him not to tell Fiz. He agrees to forget about it. Carla enlists Tina's help in keeping watch over Peter. Dennis tells Rita he returned home as Gloria was too bossy but, having nowhere to go, started sleeping rough, where another homeless person set upon him for taking his patch. He's disappointed when Rita tells him she's only there to find out what's happened to him. Tracy theorises that Peter is having an affair. Peter is annoyed to find Tina in the flat. He tries to get rid of her but she is determined to stand by him, believing that she can handle his drinking problem. Tracy and Tony try to wear Rob down. Mary tells Gail she's also joined the self defence class. Tyrone receives a text which panics him. Tina tells Peter she's constantly thinking about him and is willing to just be friends with him until he's sorted out his problems if it means keeping him. Peter leaves for rehab. Rob warns him he'll be watching him. Maria finds Tyrone and Fiz locking up No.9. Tyrone tells her Kirsty has been there. Dennis is thrilled to find Rita waiting for him when he's discharged from hospital but she only offers him a sofa to sleep on until he finds somewhere else to live. Tyrone shows Maria a text from an unknown number; the person has pushed a present for Ruby through the letterbox. Maria knows it's from her and not Kirsty, but doesn't tell Tyrone.


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