Peter is questioned again at the police station. Gary pretends to have plans when Izzy asks him to babysit Jake as she's going out with Katy. Peter is released without charge. Carla returns to work and searches her contacts to find an order. Michelle and Rob assist her. The girls are fed up not working and arrange with Rob to meet Carla at the factory. Leanne tells Nick she's with Kal now and she's no longer putting her own feelings last for his sake. When Gail is nice to Kylie, Kylie admits to David that she sent the letter to Michael Rodwell and she now regrets it. Tracy resents coping at the shop on her own and finds Rob's behaviour odd. Jason agrees to go to a club with Gary. Carla throws herself on her staff's mercy. They agree to forgive and forget; the only dissenter is Sally, who changes her tune when Carla asks her to be her PA. Liz tells Andrea about Steve's secret 40th but asks her not to tell Lloyd as he'll blab. Gary and Jason are chatted up by two girls, Alya and Siobhan. Andrea tells Lloyd about Steve's party when he starts planning one himself. Izzy confides in Katy that she and Gary are having problems. Jason leaves Gary with Alya. Eva doesn't think factory work suits her and looks for another job. She's delighted when Liz suggests she works at the Rovers. Nick tells Leanne he's divorcing her and returns his wedding ring. Thinking Gary is single, Alya kisses him. He reciprocates.


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