David, Kylie and the kids leave for Barbados, with David telling Nick to keep an eye on Gail and Michael. Owen encourages Gary to try harder with Izzy. Marcus is suspended from the hospital as he's been taking too much time off. He's angry when Todd doesn't show much concern but pleasantly surprised when he suggests he arranges to have Liam to cheer himself up. Luke invites Tyrone out to stock car racing at Belle Vue. Tyrone is keen. Todd has a lunch date with Johnny Cattermole at the bistro. Tracy warns Rob over his constant neglecting her for Carla. Rob recognises Tracy's new charm bracelet as one he stole from Tina's flat. He offers to hand it into the police station as lost property but she loves it and wants to keep it. Steph sees her showing it off and claims it's hers. Tracy claims Rob bought it from a jewellers. Before Steph gets a chance to look at it closely, Nick intervenes and Rob ushers Tracy away. Steph decides to call the police. Izzy resolves to be tougher and independent for Jake's sake. DS Hawthorn and DC Vanner question Tracy and Rob over the bracelet. They say it matches one stolen from the flat. Marcus sees Todd and Johnny being affectionate in the Street and pins Todd up against a wall, threatening to smash his face in. Maria is annoyed at him being violent in front of Liam. Steph walks into Barlow's Buys and positively identifies the bracelet as hers, though one charm is missing. The police ask Rob where he got it.


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