Peter and Susan go down with measles. Ena and Elsie are annoyed at Annie's hypocrisy as well. They tell Jasmine Choong about her two-faced behaviour. Jasmine assures them that she can look after herself. Stan can't move the sideboard, even with his friends' help. Jasmine tells Annie that Billy wants to marry her. Annie tells her she is not marrying him; she won't allow it. Jasmine tells her not to worry; there's no way her parents would want her to be related to someone like Annie. Albert delights in telling Stan that the sideboard was built in the house. He threatens to charge Stan storage. Hilda plans to chop it to bits with an axe making Albert give them the £5 back. Jasmine leaves. Billy follows her to the station and shows her an engagement ring. She tells him she can't marry him because of Annie's prejudice. He packs and refuses to say goodbye to Annie.


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