Episode 8439
Production code P694/8439
ITV transmission date 1st August 2014
(Friday - Part 2)
Storyliners Martin Sterling
Lee O'Donnell
Furquan Akhtar
Gareth McLean
Stacey-Lee Eccles
Catherine Perrin
Script editor Sarah Mann
Catherine Perrin
Story editor Kate Brooks
Writer Carmel Morgan
Designer Rosie Mullins-Hoyle
Director Terry Dyddgen-Jones
Executive Producer Kieran Roberts
Producer Stuart Blackburn
Previous episode 1st August 2014
Next episode 4th August 2014


David goes to explain that Max was a nightmare in Barbados and was like a wrecking ball. Gail and Audrey assure him it's normal for a boy his age but David isn't convinced. Gail encourages him to share his feelings with Kylie. Meg Ollerenshaw demands £500 for Albert's medal and an extra £100 for her petrol, time and trouble. Rob and Tracy try to haggle but she only goes down to £575. Tracy decides it's not worth the bother. The council grants Yasmeen the right to appeal over the library closure. The protesters gather at the Rovers to celebrate their victory. Kylie blames Max's wild behaviour on David. David thinks she's in denial. Amy disappears from No.4 and tells Tracy that Maddie threatened to give her a slap. Tracy storms round to No.4 and demands £10 and in exchange she won't sue Maddie. Sophie pays her, against Maddie's wishes. Rob pays Meg's fee for the medal. Kylie reacts badly when David suggests they get Max checked, accusing him of thinking her son is a nutjob. Tyrone tells the protesters a serious fire is raging at the library. With Ken due back, Deirdre is worried about his reaction to the latest goings-on. She's pleased when Rob returns the medal, as it's one less thing to worry about. Kylie starts to wonder if David is right. Roy gets Chesney and Tyrone to move his bookcases downstairs and tells Yasmeen of his idea to have a limited library in the cafe. Yasmeen starts making plans. Kylie doesn't like the idea of having Max looked over by strangers but David accuses her of burying her head in the sand.


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