Billy finishes his packing. The Barlows plan a surprise for Minnie for helping to babysit. Billy accuses Annie of wrecking his happiness. Annie breaks down when she realises he hates her. Jack asks him to be kind to her. Ena feels that the Barlows should be treating her. Ray upsets Gordon by calling Maggie a "bird" who Len is taking out. He takes a swipe at Ray. Elsie tells Billy it was Emily who caused Jasmine to see through Annie. Maggie reassures Len that she thinks of him just as a friend. Ena agrees to babysit for 5/- an hour plus two milk stouts. Maggie tells Gordon her private life is private. Billy tells Annie that Emily told Jasmine what Annie was like. Emily tells Annie she had a right to be Jasmine's friend, not Annie's. She refuses to be Annie's scapegoat. Annie tells Emily to leave the Rovers.


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