Ken gets a visiting order to see Peter. Lloyd can't get Andrea out of his head. Leanne goes for a job interview. Chesney and Sinead struggle to find a new business venture. Todd spots some cracked tiles on No.3's roof and tries to convince Norris he'll need a whole new roof. Norris pretends to be interested before threatening Jason that he'll get onto Trading Standards. Ken asks Simon to visit Peter as it'll lift his dad's spirits. Peter thinks Ken has given up on him but when he swears on Simon's life that he's innocent, Ken says he never thought for a second that he did it. He urges Peter to fight. Tracy decides to set a date for the wedding to take the family's minds off Peter. Jason threatens to sack Todd for scamming customers. Tony convinces him Todd was just being overenthusiastic and suggests Todd repays a customer who has complained. Todd is livid. Tracy and Rob announce they're marrying in October. Ken makes it clear his focus will be on Peter's trial. Tony tells Todd they'll carry on with their scams but they'll have to be more careful not to let Jason find out. Ken and Deirdre make up. Ken is thrilled when Simon agrees to see Peter as he hopes it'll be just the tonic he needs to start fighting. Rob overhears the conversation.


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