As everyone gathers round Nick, Yasmeen wants to call an ambulance, but making out he’s had a few similar attacks and they’re brought on by stress, Nick leaves and angrily refuses David's offer of further help before stalking off. Deciding it’s time to take action, Beth tells a bemused Kirk she’s taking him out for dinner at the bistro. Tracy sneers at the caravan but Ken tells her one of the reasons that he's picked North Wales is that he wants to be close to home in case anything happens to Peter. As Gail waves Michael off at the end of the day, Roy comes round to enquire about Nick and she hears what happened. Chesney tells Kirk about Beth's worries and tells him to propose at the bistro. Leanne worries about Nick and David finds him on the Red Rec where he reveals that he faked his seizure to make them feel guilty. Beth and Kirk can't get into the bistro so end up in the Rovers and Prima Doner instead. Kirk furtively hides the engagement ring in a kebab he buys her but when she chucks it in the bin claiming she needs to lose weight before the holiday, Kirk panics. In front of David, Nick lies to Leanne that his doctor has said he's suffering from the stress of the divorce and she offers to put it on hold. Kirk and Beth rifle through the contents of the bin until he finds the ring and proposes on the spot. She happily accepts. Max continues to wind Kylie up. Wanting the house to herself and Rob, Tracy persuades Deirdre to go on the camping trip and Ken insists they leave immediately. Rob and Tracy are delighted to see them go. Leanne tells Kal she that has her suspicions that Nick's seizure was a bit too convenient. Nick lies to the family about his seizure while David uncomfortably looks on. Gail announces that she and Michael are now an item. Only Audrey is supportive. David tells Nick that he should quit while he's ahead with Leanne and Kal but he tells him that he's just getting started.


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