Leanne is livid that Eva believes Nick over her regarding the seizures. Gail hijacks David and Kylie's plans for an intimate dinner at the bistro to celebrate Kylie's 27th birthday, inviting herself, Audrey, Nick, the kids, and Michael. Maddie tries to show Carla she's a hard grafter when Carla drops her car off at the garage. Peter begs Jim to reinstate his booze supply, to no avail. Jason starts on the loft conversion at No.9. David tries to persuade Nick to come clean about his faked seizures but Nick is determined to hurt Leanne. Gail is worried about Nick and deliberately blames Leanne when Leanne is in earshot, causing Leanne to row with her. Amy lets Eccles go while she is in Sophie and Maddie's care. Steve comes up with a plan against Neil. Nick fakes another dizzy spell when Leanne has a go at him outside the kebab shop. Leanne is furious when Kal and Sally come to Nick's defence. Sophie and Maddie find Eccles injured on a roadside. Jim tells Peter he'll give him more booze if he gives him Steve. Maddie steals Carla's car from the garage to get Eccles to the hospital. Leanne feels betrayed by Kal and, keen to vindicate herself, interrupts the Platts' family dinner and starts smashing wine bottles until Nick admits the truth.


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