Leanne continues to wreak havoc, smashing up the dinner plates at the Platts' table. Nick denies her allegations until Leanne says Simon thinks he's dying, after which he shocks everyone by admitting he has been faking the seizures. Luke tries to cover for Maddie and Sophie when Carla comes to collect her car from the garage but comes clean when Deirdre tells them about Eccles being missing. Nick orders everyone out of the bistro so he can explain himself to Leanne. Sophie and Maddie return from the vet's with Eccles, who will make a full recovery after being clipped by a car. Their good reasons for taking the car fails to elicit sympathy from Carla, who only cares about her car. Deirdre is relieved to see Eccles but tells Sophie and Maddie they'll pay the £120 vet's bill. Jim tells Peter that Steve has ignored his visiting orders for the past two years as he took Liz's side against him. Nick tells Leanne he wanted to get a reaction out of her to show that she still cared about him. Admitting that hurting her didn't give him the satisfaction he thought it would, Nick agrees to sign the divorce papers. Gail turns down Michael's offer to stay with him. Steve and Lloyd observe from afar as a clown they've ordered calls at Neil's house for a non-existent child's party. They're surprised when Neil invites him in. Sally fears Carla will take her grievance with Maddie out on her. Maddie offers to smooth things over with Carla. An apologetic Kal and Eva show Leanne their support. Neil tells Steve and Lloyd their plan backfired as he and the clown are kindred spirits. He passes on a message to Andrea that her mother is in hospital. Peter calls Steve and asks to see him. Steve refuses at first but wavers. Nick apologises to the Platts. Maddie gives a muted apology to Carla, saying she did it because of how much Simon loves Eccles. Kal's son Zeedan calls him, only to hang up because he's with Leanne. Peter tells Jim he thinks Steve will come.


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