Episode 8459
Episode 8459
Production code P694/8459
ITV transmission date 29th August 2014
(Friday - Part 2)
Storyliners Martin Sterling
Lee O'Donnell
Stacey-Lee Eccles
Katie Brown
Alasdair Morrison
Script editor Catherine Perrin
Sarah Mann
Story editor Kate Brooks
Writer Joe Turner
Designer Rosie Mullins-Hoyle
Director Durno Johnston
Executive Producer Kieran Roberts
Producer Stuart Blackburn
Previous episode 29th August 2014
Next episode 1st September 2014


Jim changes his mind about hitting Peter and sends him on his way. Julie is mortified when Dev talks about "all her weight" dropping off and walks out of the gym. Liz returns home and warns Ken that Peter should stay away from Jim. Tyrone returns home to tender enquiries from Jason and Eva. Jason drops a hint to her that there's much more to the story and she demands to know what's going on. Fiz is worried about their monthly bills and concludes that they must make a claim on Jason's insurance to tide them over. As Mary comforts Julie in the pub, Kal tells Dev to make it up to her. Peter follows Jim as he takes another of his customers to where his stash of alcohol is stored - the prison kitchen. Seeing the hiding place, Peter waits until he is alone and starts to drink up the entire supply. Katy visits Luke at the garage. They can't resist their passion and decide to use the campervan. Having heard the full story, Eva is livid with Todd. He and Tony tell Jason they must stop Tyrone making a claim on the insurance but he and Fiz call round at that moment to do just that. A promise of financial help and some sharp talking manages to delay the request for the moment. Steve and Steph call at the garage and find Luke and Katy having sex in the campervan. Jim finds Peter unconscious and calls for an officer. Ken is rung to say that Peter is in intensive care at the hospital. Tony orders Jason to start on the loft repairs the next day and vetoes Todd being sacked so as not to arouse suspicion. Eva agrees, as does Jason but only until the matter is sorted and then he wants them out of his business. Dev apologises profusely to Julie and tells her that she's perfect as she is. The Barlows and Rob rush to the hospital where they are told that they have done everything they can and Peter must now put up the fight himself to survive. Rob listens with interest.


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