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Episode 845
Production code P228/845
ITV transmission date 27th January 1969 (Monday)
Stories by Harry Driver
Esther Rose
Bruce Norman
Writer Leslie Duxbury
Designer Roy Graham
Director Les Chatfield
Executive Producer H.V. Kershaw
Producer John Finch
Previous episode 22nd January 1969
Next episode 29th January 1969


Hilda sees a lot of money in the tea leaves. She thinks about becoming a professional clairvoyant. Janice stays at No.9. Ray isn't keen on having her about and realises she has given her probation officer the slip. Ena tells Emily she can sleep on her sofa rather than at Elsie's. Ena worries about Minnie's gambling. Ray wants Janice to leave. He gives her money to buy a decent dress and is appalled when she buys a minidress. He tells her that she can stay for forty-eight hours and no more. Emily tells Ena she's going to stay with Elsie. Dave Smith frightens Emily by his presence at No.11. Minnie has 33-1 and 40-1 wins on the horses and buys a reluctant Ena a drink. Hilda wants one more prediction to come true before Stan can persuade her to become a professional clairvoyant.


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