Callum thinks Kylie is back for money. Her friend Gemma Winter arrives and they get re-acquainted. Kylie is drawn to Callum but feels uncomfortable when he asks about her new man. Mary confronts Dev about his intentions towards Julie. He assures her he's not looking for someone to replace her and announces he's not interested in Julie - just as Julie walks into the shop. Eileen advises Liz to tell Deirdre everything. Yasmeen refuses to apologise to the Nazirs for spending so much on the community centre as Sharif did the same thing with the gym. After some hesitation, Kylie sheepishly answers a call from David and gets rid of him as quickly as possible. Eva doesn't like her behaviour and notices she hasn't told Callum about Max's problems, which was the reason they came. After being warned about the typo on the flyers by Maddie, Tim goes to recover his phone from No.4 and finds Sally taking a call from a pervert. Eva leaves Kylie with Callum, accusing her of really being there for drugs. Kylie decides to leave too. Callum writes his number on her arm. Sally doesn't understand how Tim could be so stupid. Deirdre hears Liz talking about visiting Jim for Peter's sake but gets the impression it's a one-off. Tim is too embarrassed to come clean to Sally. Kylie apologises to David and they seem to be back on track.


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