Tracy starts to pack a holdall without anyone seeing. Ken remonstrates with her for running away the previous day. Her sincere apology takes him aback. Yasmeen tries to drum up interest in the first aid course she’s running at the community centre. Luke is off with Maria when she comes round to the garage to thank him. Desperate to spend a last few hours with Amy, Tracy tells her she needn’t go to school and instead they’ll have a day together. Roy offers Todd some advice and suggests it’s time he ended the rift with family and friends. Chesney remains distant with Cilla. Todd tries to have a friendly chat with Fiz and Tyrone but is rebuffed. Maria moans to Audrey about Luke, ranking him arrogant and selfish, but it’s clear to Audrey and Yasmeen that she fancies him. Tracy and Amy watch Titanic together. Tracy cries and Amy offers her a cuddle. She tells her daughter how much she loves her. Ken arrives home announcing the police have found Rob’s murder weapon. Tracy rings Rob and tells him she's sure of what she's doing. She jumps in Ken’s car and makes her getaway. Ken and Carla see her speed off. Roy's tormenting hooligans hurl eggs at the café, Todd chases them off and helps Roy clear up the mess. In the Rovers, Luke apologises to Maria and suggests they start again. Ken realises that Tracy has left her daughter and gone off to be with Rob. Carla doesn't want him to call the police until they can get hold of her. Tracy meets Rob in an abandoned building. Roy thanks Todd for his kindness by buying him a drink and Tyrone and Fiz are impressed to hear about his good deed. A tearful Tracy tells Rob she's got to think of her daughter. Rob thinks that she means she can't go with him and he is saying goodbye when the police arrive in force. Tracy sobs as she apologises and Rob realises she's betrayed him. He's arrested and led away, scornful of her excuses.


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