Episode 8507
Episode 8507
Production code P694/8507
ITV transmission date 7th November 2014
(Friday - Part 1)
Storyliners Martin Sterling
Stacey-Lee Eccles
Katie Brown
Alasdair Morrison
Nasreen Ahmed
Carole Solazzo
Script editor Jenny Heelham
Story editor Kate Brooks
Writer John Kerr
Designer Rosie Mullins-Hoyle
Director Nickie Lister
Executive Producer Kieran Roberts
Producer Stuart Blackburn
Previous episode 5th November 2014
Next episode 7th November 2014


Todd offers to take the family out to the bistro to make amends but only Eva accepts. She promises to tell Eileen about the arrangement. Tracy is wracked with guilt over what she did to Rob. Faye asks Tim to help out at a school Christmas auction. Eileen refuses the offer of the meal. Roy tells Jason of Todd's good deed but he's unimpressed. Todd calls on Eileen and says he just wants to put things right. To his delight, she changes her mind and accepts the offer. Cilla offers to cook a meal for the family but Chesney is still suspicious as to what she is up to. Tracy turns up at the shop to work. She has no patience with Todd's chipper demeanour and throws him out. Anna is impressed with the reports at Faye's parents' evening but Tim is alarmed to hear that he'll be asked to read out from a script at the auction. Jason persuades Eileen not to go for the meal. Todd waits for the others to arrive at the bistro. Tracy sobs to herself in the darkened shop. The first aid course starts at the centre. None of the audience is interested until Mark Strachan, the motorcycle paramedic walks in and then the women are all agog, especially Katy. No one turns up for Todd's meal and Eva rings saying she has to cover for Sean at the Rovers. He leaves and walks the streets alone. The first aid course is a success and Katy asks Mark if she can ask him some further questions. He offers to take her for a drink and Alya sidles in on it. Michelle confides in Carla that Tracy still owes her £2,000 for the wedding. Ken calls in the Rovers and tells Carla that Peter is being released on Monday. She tells him she's genuinely pleased for him and an angry Tracy walks in as she toasts him. Todd is mugged by a group of thugs who are after his mobile phone and wallet. When he refuses to cooperate, they set on him.


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