Peter agrees to rent the bookies flat to Owen and Anna. Owen goes to court for a repossession hearing. Kal rows with Tony over Zeedan's pay and accuses him of exploitation. Zeedan is mortified to see his dad arguing for him and sends him away. Sally's suspicions about Tim and Anna grow when she sees them talking secretively in the cafe. Peter tells Steve and Michelle he's leaving. Michelle warns him not to bother Carla as she'll tell her herself. Cilla takes Chesney's outburst to heart and tells Fiz and Tyrone about a time she deliberately left him on a bus. She's ashamed of herself and announces she's returning to Wolverhampton immediately. Tracy is disappointed to see Peter giving in and tells him Carla should be leaving, not him. Peter arranges with Tracy for the shop's rent to be paid to Leanne for maintenance for Simon. Carla is unmoved by the news of Peter's departure and suspects he'll be back once he's licked his wounds. Michelle draws up a new rota which will give her more time with Steve. Simon is angry at Peter for leaving and doesn't say goodbye to him. Steve lets Eva away early so that he's needed behind the bar, telling Michelle that Eva had an emergency. Peter asks Ken to sell his and Carla's wedding rings and put the money in an account for Simon. Sally is intrigued when Norris complains about Tim doing a no-show. She calls him but he ignores it as he's in the middle of a lesson. Fiz tells Cilla she'll accompany her to Wolverhampton and look after her. Cilla is grateful. Leanne spots Gary and Alya kissing in the yard. Peter says goodbye to Ken and Tracy and is about to leave when Simon barges in and begs him not to go.


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