An emotional Simon tells Peter he's sorry for not believing in his innocence and thinks he's the cause of him wanting to leave. Peter delays his departure to spend some time with Simon and make him understand why he has to go. Alya and Gary admit to Leanne that they're seeing each other but ask her not to tell Kal. Owen confirms they're losing the house. Chesney refuses to let bygones be bygones with Cilla, absenting himself from her farewell meal at the bistro. Simon doesn't understand why things can't go back to normal. Carla passes by and gives Simon a pep-talk, reminding him that Peter won't be far away. Peter makes Simon see that he needs to get away for his own sake. Sally is cross with Tim when he turns up late for a lunch date. Peter leaves the Street. Michelle wonders what the future will hold if Steve is this unattentive now. Cilla and Fiz leave the Street. Steve goes to the bistro to escape from Michelle. Sally looks through Tim's things for evidence of an affair and tells Sophie she thinks he's seeing Anna. Leanne warns Alya she won't lie to Kal for her. Alya thinks Kal will see Gary as a criminal and a no-hoper. Carla offers to buy Tracy a drink as a peace offering but Tracy angrily rejects it, blaming her for everything that's happened. Steve is late for his shift with Michelle as he gets drunk with Katy and Steph. Liz is furious when he finally turns up, while Michelle worries that he doesn't want to spend time with her. The Armstrongs go for a drink and try to stay positive though Gary doesn't know where he's going to live. Provoked by Tracy, Carla puts her in her place, telling her that she'll never understand why she shopped Rob to the police and she only has herself to blame for everything she's lost.


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