Episode 8536
Episode 8536
Production code P694/8536
ITV transmission date 22nd December 2014
(Monday - Part 1)
Storyliners Martin Sterling
Stacey-Lee Eccles
Alasdair Morrison
Katie Brown
Nasreen Ahmed
Tabasan Haseen
Script editor Verity MacLeod
Story editor Kate Brooks
Writer Julie Jones
Designer Rosie Mullins-Hoyle
Director Menhaj Huda
Executive Producer Kieran Roberts
Producer Stuart Blackburn
Previous episode 19th December 2014
Next episode 22nd December 2014


Lloyd and Andrea are perturbed to learn from Kevin that Steve’s wasting even more money on restoring his car. Tony and Tracy hurriedly get dressed, both regretting their moment of madness. Tony asks Tracy to keep quiet about it and she bitterly agrees. Izzy refuses to listen to any of Gary's excuses. Steve is concerned when he sees an interim bill from the garage. Todd sees Tony and Tracy returning together in his van. Steph and Gavin flirt as they work side by side at the bistro. Gavin again refuses to give Michael an answer about coming for Christmas. An impatient Liz awaits Tony for their cocktail evening. Audrey makes an insensitive remark about Rob and Carla walks out. Todd tells Tracy he saw her getting out of Tony's van and wonders if she's got new stock - she tells him to mind his own business. Gary offloads his troubles onto Roy as does Carla as she struggles to deal with the news. Andrea tells Lloyd about seeing Steve coming out of the Medical Centre and wonders if he's got medical problems. Tony eventually turns up at the Rovers, to Liz’s relief, but Todd’s intrigued when he lies about where he’s been and claims he hasn’t seen Tracy. Nick and Erica call into the bistro to raid the till for cash where Steph announces she’s employed Gavin as permanent barman. Nick tells Liz he and Erica can't make their night out - Liz knows full well what they're up to. Lloyd tackles Steve about how much he's spending on the car and reveals he knows about the health visit. Carla helps Roy belatedly put up the cafe's Christmas decorations. Steve explodes at Lloyd when he continues to demand answers from him and threatens him if he doesn't back off.


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