Episode 8549
Production code P694/8549
ITV transmission date 7th January 2015
Storyliners Martin Sterling
Stacey-Lee Eccles
Katie Brown
Nasreen Ahmed
Tabasan Haseen
Script editor Alison Hunt
Story editor Kate Brooks
Writer Ellen Taylor
Designer Rosie Mullins-Hoyle
Director Nickie Lister
Executive Producer Kieran Roberts
Producer Stuart Blackburn
Previous episode 5th January 2015
Next episode 9th January 2015


Michelle swaps shifts with Sean to go out with Hamish Young. The police tell David they haven't found Kylie at Callum's flat. Kirk, Craig, Tyrone and Chesney realise they're all planning to go to the wedding as the Blues Brothers. David calls Becky to see if Kylie has gone there but Becky hasn't heard from her. Gail reminds him he was the one who threw Kylie out. David regrets his actions and wants her back. Beth's hen night gets underway at the Rovers. Beth mistakes Billy for a stripper. Kirk decides to dress up as Adam Ant at the wedding instead and collects his outfit from No.5. There, he overhears Agnes, Nancy and Arlene Tinker putting him down for working in a factory and talking like Goofy. Liz is upset to hear Michelle is going on a date and tells her Steve is just pretending he doesn't care. Michelle goes to meet Hamish at the bistro but is nervous. The stags can't think of anything to do and end up getting drunk at No.9. Sean invites Billy to the wedding as his plus one. The hens return to No.5. Kirk announces the wedding is off as he's not worthy of marrying Beth. Hamish and Michelle relax in each other's company and end up having a good time, but Michelle is still thinking about Steve. Chesney tries to encourage Kirk. Steve sees Michelle and Hamish kissing goodnight.


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