Episode 8567
Production code P694/8567
ITV transmission date 2nd February 2015
(Monday - Part 1)
Storyliners Martin Sterling
Stacey-Lee Eccles
Katie Brown
Alasdair Morrison
Nasreen Ahmed
Script editor Verity MacLeod
Story editor Kate Brooks
Writer Joe Turner
Designer Rosie Mullins-Hoyle
Director Abe Juckes
Executive Producer Kieran Roberts
Producer Stuart Blackburn
Previous episode 30th January 2015
Next episode 2nd February 2015


David sees a solicitor to establish his legal rights over Max. Nick prepares to re-open the bistro. Owen and Anna are still not seeing eye-to-eye about Gary. Faye forges Anna's signature on an absence letter to bunk off school. Agnes Tinker tells Beth, Chesney and Kirk to start pulling their weight at No.5 as it's obvious Sinead does most of the cooking and cleaning. Gail looks after Michael as his operation nears and is worried when Eileen hijacks him to work the switch at the cab office. David finds out he has a strong case as he has been a father to Max for so long. Katy makes things up with David and arranges to pick up Max. Sophie books a posh country house hotel for a weekend of pampering for Maddie's 18th birthday but she isn't keen. Callum runs into Katy with Max at the cafe. Carla re-opens the factory as she's bored. Callum charms his way into sitting with Katy and Max. Rita goes to visit Mavis Wilton in Cartmel. Maddie and Simon kick a football against the Kabin window to terrorise Norris. Chesney doesn't tell Sinead that Roy has been looking after Joseph as he doesn't want her worrying. David is furious to find Callum with Max and drags Max away. Eva warns Callum off. Andy's ex-girlfriend Tara delivers plants to the bistro and is all over him when she sees him. He tells her he's seeing someone and gets rid of her as quickly as possible but Leanne hears her call him Andy.


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