Steph guesses correctly that the man is Gavin Rodwell and goes to leave however he makes her stay for a drink when she says she's Andy's girlfriend. Gail tries to explain to Max that David is his proper dad. Max thinks David is horrible to him as he won't let Callum give him presents. Roy goes on his driving lesson with Tyrone. Tracy drags Beth to the bistro, determined to have a good time. Gavin tells Steph he's returned from Thailand and lost his phone abroad so he hasn't heard from Andy. While making nervous conversation, Steph manages to pocket Andy's payslips with Gavin's name on them before dashing off to warn Andy. Sally thinks Craig and Faye are seeing each other and have had a bust-up and tells Tim she needs a parent. Tim's first thought is to fetch Anna. Andy panics when Steph tells him Gavin is back in the country. Sophie finds Rita crying over the situation with Jenny. Sophie drags her to the Rovers to cheer her up. Tyrone takes over the wheel as Roy drives too slow. Owen goes to the Rovers to gatecrash Katy's meeting with Linda, causing a furious Katy to reschedule. David feels inadequate and powerless to stop Callum. Michael suggests that he lets Callum see Max so that he calls the shots. David thinks he's on Callum's side and throws him out. Andy decides to tell Michael the truth before he finds out another way but Steph thinks he should face Gavin first. David is finding it hard to cope and feels he might as well roll over and let Callum win.


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