Roy finds out that he's competing with Sharif over an allotment space. David apologises to Michael and admits he may be right over Callum. He arranges for Callum to pick Max up. Roy reads up on horticulture and Tyrone tests him. Andy and Steph face Gavin Rodwell and are immediately wrongfooted when he produces a payslip from the bistro and asks what's going on. Andy explains that his wages would have been swallowed by his overdraft if he'd used his account, but when Gavin shows them Michael's letter and calls him a waster Andy comes clean. Remembering the pain of his dad leaving him all too well, Gavin is livid that Michael thinks he's forgiven him. Michelle and Liz agree that Eileen is ill-suited to bar work but Michelle gets landed with telling her she's sacked as she isn't as friendly with her. She tries to foist the responsibility onto Steve but loses a game of rock-paper-scissors. Anna and Owen attend a meeting about Faye's school trip to France at Weatherfield High. Callum arrives to collect Max only to find it out was just a test to see if he would turn up. Faye feels awkward sitting next to Jackson Hodge - her baby's father - and excuses herself, claiming to have left something in the library. Audrey agrees to read Anna Karenina when Ken recommends it. Sharif sees Roy brushing up on his gardening knowledge and warns him that they'll be looking for things like charisma and vision as well. Michelle chickens out of sacking Eileen when she says how much she enjoys the job. Anna is angry when she finds Owen, Linda and Katy looking at old photos. Andy decides he has to tell Michael before Gavin does but Gavin comes into the Rovers and offers to stay silent on the matter - in exchange for £5,000.


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