Owen is thrilled when he gets a regular labouring job. David is asleep on the sofa and Bethany wakes him up by pouring water on him. Carla returns from LA and surprises Tracy with a gift from duty free. Callum drops off a present for Max at No.8 and shows an interest in Sarah and Bethany but David tells him to get lost. Faye hides away in the shop flat and makes Craig go to school in case anyone gets suspicious. Owen wants to celebrate and plans a night in. Faye and Gary cry off so he and Anna have an intimate meal. Tracy goes for a meeting with a supplier and enjoys winding Tony up, telling him she can manage it without his help. Sarah and Bethany run into Callum while shopping in town. He's intrigued to learn they're David's sister and niece. Sarah blanks him. Planning their return to Milan, Sarah tells Bethany she'll work fewer hours and put her in another school. Craig has read up about the final weeks of pregnancy but Faye wants to forget about it for one night and watch films. Carla has a meeting with a client at the bistro. Nick fusses her. Owen and Anna decide to go for a drink instead. Callum is trying to chat up Sarah when Bethany runs out of a boutique, having been caught trying to shoplift. Mortified, Sarah gets in Callum's car and they give chase. Faye starts having labour pains.


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