Episode 8653
Episode 8653
Production code P694/8653
ITV transmission date 3rd June 2015
Storyliners Martin Sterling
Catherine Perrin
Stacey-Lee Eccles
Katie Brown
Alasdair Morrison
Ella Greenhill
Shazia Rashid
Sophie Roper
Script editor Jenny Heelham
Story editor Kate Brooks
Writer Martin Allen
Designer Rosie Mullins-Hoyle
Director Kay Patrick
Executive Producer Kieran Roberts
Producer Stuart Blackburn
Previous episode 1st June 2015
Next episode 5th June 2015


Eileen finds Michael has spent the night asleep in one of the taxis. David blames Gail for messing up his Cafcass meeting. He reluctantly hands Max over to Callum and Sarah for a couple of days. He plans to look for Kylie and Nick offers to help him. Eileen lets Michael clean up at her house. Jenny is upset when Kevin packs Jack off to stay with Pam Hobsworth for the day. Rita comforts Sophie. Gail sees Michael leaving No.11 but he refuses to talk to her. Sophie tells Carla she blames her for Maddie's death. David can't get an answer at Gemma Winter's flat. Beth gets a call from school reporting that Craig keeps falling asleep during his revision classes. Sophie’s suspicions about Jenny reignite when she listens to Maddie's last voicemail message. Dev learns that Eileen and Adrian are dining at the Bistro. He eagerly suggests they make a foursome, keen to avoid a cosy table for two with Julie. Sophie confronts Jenny in front of Kevin but when Jenny goes on the defensive, Kevin asks Sophie to drop it. Gail finds Michael drinking in the Rovers having visited Gavin's grave. She lets slip that she went to his funeral. He blames her for him not having a final chance to say goodbye to his son. Beth quizzes Craig about his tiredness, insisting on taking him to the doctor. Adrian confides in Julie that he’s booked a surprise hotel stay for Eileen. Kevin tells Jenny that Jack's staying at Pam's for a couple of days. She frantically rings the estate agent in Hull and finds that the flat has gone. She demands they find her another. David goes back to Gemma's flat. She tells him she's not seen Kylie but once they have gone she tells a listening Kylie that she can't keep running away forever.


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