The heavies begin trashing the salon. A passing Ken hears Audrey's screams and tries the door, causing the heavies to flee. Ken calls the police while a terrified Audrey wonders why she has been targeted. Lloyd goes to the Rovers to tell Liz he's leaving her. Liz gets in first with her Portuguese holiday surprise, which leaves Lloyd lost for words. He takes her through to the back. Maria, Luke, Andy, Steph and Jamie Bowman set off for the races. Andy notices that Steph is uneasy around James. Liz realises she's being dumped when Lloyd breaks the news of Andrea's pregnancy. She feels used and is mainly annoyed at how many people knew before her. She understands Lloyd grabbing his last opportunity to be a father. Cathy tells Anna she's decided not to tell Roy how she feels about him. Sarah has a difficult shift at the Rovers with Callum throwing his weight around and giving her lip. She ends up throwing him out, with Steve's support. Kylie accuses Callum of being behind the attack on Audrey but he says anyone in the Rovers will vouch that he was there for hours. Liz forces herself to wish Lloyd and Andrea well. Lloyd is glad that he can concentrate on the baby now. Andrea reveals that she accepted a job managing a boutique hotel in Jersey while separated from him but says she'll turn it down. Audrey is disturbed when David and Kylie tell her that Callum probably sent the heavies to frighten her and that they could return. The spectators leave after one race as Maria finds it boring. Steve is annoyed at Lloyd for messing Liz about after her troubles with Tony and Dan. Andy thinks Steph fancies James. Luke hopes Maria will now be fine with him racing. Audrey feels powerless to protect herself as the Platts wonder how they're going to stop Callum.


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