Gemma’s worried she’s not heard from Callum since his text last week, and fears Denton’s got him. She suspects that something is wrong and begs Kylie for help. Tyrone finds Roy in the cafe, having bottled out of waiting in the bistro. He sends him back. Pointing out that moping does her no favours, Rita drags Sally to the Rovers to show Tim what he’s missing. Eager to get rid of Gemma, Kylie slips out of the house with Callum’s phone to send her a text. Cathy arrives at the bistro and she and a relieved Roy take their seat. Yasmeen yells at Tracy that she's going to get justice for Kal. Sarah’s stunned when Gemma receives a text from Callum saying he's gone underground to get away from Denton. Rita forces Sally to stay in the pub when Tim enters and convinces her to get him back. Gemma wants to know why Sarah is so anxious. David gives her money for a taxi to get rid of her. Nick sees her leaving and wants to know what she was doing there. He orders Kylie to tell her to stay away. Sarah calls Kylie sick for using a dead man’s phone and David promises to dispose of it. Roy takes Cathy back to the cafe for coffee. Kylie worries that people will notice Sarah's behaviour. Tim refuses to talk to Sally. In the Rovers, Billy sees how tense Sarah is. Sally refuses to cancel the wedding and determines that she's getting married by the power of positive thinking. Cathy gives Roy a kiss good night and gets a taxi home. Kylie’s sympathetic to Sarah but implores her to think of their kids and try harder to keep calm.


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