Sarah is more upbeat than she has been for a while, much to David's befuddlement. Aidan arranges a meeting with a notoriously difficult client Matthew Singh. Carla doesn't think anything will come of it as he's never placed an order before. Marion Logan visits the Platts and asks if they've heard from Callum. Aidan doesn't tell Johnny about Singh but Kate lets it slip. Johnny brings the meeting forward to gazump Aidan, as Matthew is an old friend of his. David has enough of Marion going on about Callum and throws her out after telling her some home truths about her son. Kylie and Sarah disapprove. Maria has to fly out to Cyprus after her mum breaks her hip. Luke is sympathetic and promises to give up the racing. Billy asks David after Sarah. Johnny meets Matthew Singh and discovers that the Matt he expected to meet was his dad, who died three years ago. Alya tells Gary she wants to get married before Christmas. Steph tells Andy to sort out Michael as he's taking over the flat. Johnny is out of his depth with Singh so Kate goes to fetch Aidan. Aidan considers not going to teach his dad a lesson. David asks Sarah why Billy is interested in her and learns about her half-truth confession. David is livid and calls her a liability. He gives Sarah the option of going back to Milan or, should the truth come out, he and Kylie will make sure she goes down for murder.


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Kate Connor: "Okay, what's more important: you being the hero who saves the day and wins an order for the factory, or you making our dad look like a right pillock?
Aidan Connor: "That's a difficult question."

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