With a fleet of cars needing servicing at the garage, Tyrone rushes off to work and in his haste he accidentally steps on Hope's favourite toy. Fiz doesn't like the way Kevin cracks the whip. Audrey gives Ken a trim at the salon and he invites her to a drink at the Rovers later. Gary doesn't see any reason to marry without their families there. Alya dismisses her own suggestion and puts it down to nerves. On her day off, Alya looks after Jake for Izzy. Tyrone responds to a breakdown call so that he can replace Hope's unicorn toy while he's away. Beth notices Hope's drowsiness and Fiz calls an ambulance. The battery on Tyrone's phone runs down so he doesn't find out about Hope until he gets back to the garage. With Tyrone held up, the Street fills with cars waiting for a service. Aidan and Johnny complain that their customers can't park outside the factory. Mary enthuses about The Inexplicable , a magazine about the supernatural which she has started reading. Audrey meets Ken at the Rovers. Sharif is impressed with Gary and offers him half of his share in the gym as a wedding present. Gary is shocked. Tyrone rushes to hospital in the tow truck when Kevin tells him about Hope.


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