Simon and Amy continue to snipe at each other. It's the day of Luke's big race. Simon pretends to be unwell to get the day off school. Ken is shocked by his attitude to everyone. Robert gets an overstressed Leanne to take a break. She goes shopping with Eva. Jamie invites Steph for a drink. She accepts so that she can interrogate him about what Luke is up to. Robert tries to reach out to Simon by telling him about his one-time fractious relationship with his dad. Simon feels guilty about the way he's treated Leanne and breaks down. Jamie keeps shtum about Luke's secret. When she hears that Dev is helping Erica settle into the shop flat, Mary tells him she's worried that he's flinging himself into another relationship. He insists that Erica is just an acquaintance. Simon sees Leanne returning from her shopping trip with Eva and sees red, thinking she hasn't missed him. Izzy is finding it hard to cope alone with Jake. When Jake runs off while Izzy is distracted after dropping her shopping in the street, Alya catches him. Izzy sours when Alya admits that Gary would have been better off staying with her. Gary calls to say he's coming home tomorrow. Sophie is worried about Luke and tells Steph and Andy about the illegal race. Robert tells Leanne that Simon is missing her. She is pleased. Steph and Andy arrive at the track moments before the race starts but can't get close to Luke. An irate Simon throws Amy's homework off the table and grabs her when she tries to call Tracy.


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