With Sarah due back from hospital, Gail announces that she's putting her up in the annex. David thinks it'll set her off again. Tracy is shocked to receive a visiting order from Rob Donovan. She doesn't tell anyone. Liz, Erica and Anna commiserate over the lack of men in their lives. Robert and Tracy make a dinner date. Sarah is discharged from hospital and returns to the street. Audrey is annoyed when Nessa nips out from the salon to go shopping. Webster's Autos is granted planning permission to open premises under the viaduct arch. Kate and Billy invite Sophie out for drinks later but she has to turn them down because of work. Simon refuses to see the counsellor so Leanne asks Robert to have another word with him. In prison, Rob is bitter that Tracy and Carla are out living their lives and swears to his cellmate Ian Rigby that he'll make them pay. Robert manages to talk Simon round but the boy only agrees to see the counsellor if Robert is there. Robert cancels his date with Tracy to attend. Sarah is sick of Gail and Bethany fussing over her and goes for a shift at the Rovers. Tracy sees Robert getting into a taxi with Leanne. Audrey tells Rita that Nessa plays fast and loose with men, according to Cathy. She's worried Ken will get hurt. Sally lures Sophie out for dinner with her and Tim. Erica decides to go to a Singles' Night and drags Liz and a reluctant Anna along. Sally ambushes Kate and Billy when they arrive at the bistro and drags Billy away to give her marital advice, leaving Kate with Sophie in an obvious attempt at matchmaking. In the prison visiting area, Rob is pleased to see Tracy waiting for him.


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