Episode 8791
Production code P694/8791
ITV transmission date 11th December 2015
(Friday - Part 1)
Storyliners Martin Sterling
Catherine Perrin
Stacey-Lee Eccles
Alasdair Morrison
Denise Watson
Sophie Roper
Conor Ibrahiem
Anjum Malik
Script editor Alison Hunt
Story editor Kate Brooks
Writer Simon Crowther
Designer Rosie Mullins-Hoyle
Director Nickie Lister
Executive Producer Kieran Roberts
Producer Stuart Blackburn
Previous episode 9th December 2015
Next episode 11th December 2015


Carla and Nick make final preparations for their engagement party at the bistro. Sarah's caginess leads Kylie to suspect she's hiding something. Sarah books into an abortion clinic. Audrey is annoyed to hear that Nessa is going to the party as Ken's plus one. Rita overhears Brendan on the phone telling his wife he's going to The Inexplicable convention by himself. She doesn't let on that she heard him. Johnny warns Aidan against getting involved with Eva but Aidan says he isn't interested anyway. Rita tries to gently break the news to Mary that Brendan is married, but quickly realises that she already knows. When Rita starts advising her, Mary tells her to leave. Audrey volunteers to do Nessa's hair for the party. Tracy asks Rob to send any more visiting orders to the shop, saying it's because she doesn't want Ken to find out. Carla takes the mickey out of the new shirt Johnny has bought for the party. As he goes to visit Rob, Carla asks him to tell Rob that she's happy. A suspicious Kylie searches through Sarah's things and finds the address of an abortion clinic. Audrey gives Nessa an awful hairstyle on purpose. Nessa accuses her of making a fool of her but David and, to her surprise, Ken say they like it. She thinks Ken is lying to spare her feelings. Kylie asks Sarah if she's pregnant. Johnny arrives at the prison and sees Rob. He immediately gets to the point, asking Rob why he sent the visiting order. He is shocked when Rob asks if Carla knows he's her father.


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