Johnny demands that Rob tell him how he knows. Rob explains that his mother once told him they had a one-night stand and nine months later Carla was born. Johnny admits to sleeping with her but feebly denies being Carla's dad. Rob admits he never believed her fanciful tale before. When Kylie tells Sarah how she found the details of the abortion clinic, Sarah confirms that she's pregnant, that it's Callum's and that she's getting rid of it. Carla and Nick's engagement party gets underway. Rob threatens to reveal the truth to Carla, Aidan and Kate unless Johnny gives him £10,000. Johnny refuses to be blackmailed and walks out. As he leaves, Johnny gleefully tells Rob about Tracy's new relationship with her ex-husband. With Ken's encouragement, Nessa agrees to go to the party despite the awful hairdo but she changes her mind when Amy sees her and laughs. Ken volunteers to stay behind too. Aidan complains to Michelle that his lucky silk socks have gone missing. When Johnny arrives at the party, he tells Carla that Rob just wanted to know what was happening with the factory. Mary and Brendan return from Warrington, having had a good time at the convention. Caught up in the excitement, they embrace. Eva teases Aidan about his missing socks, saying that Steve took them to Spain. Carla asks Roy to give her away at the wedding. He tells her it would be an honour. Rita warns Mary that Brendan will never leave his wife. Mary calls her a jealous old lady. Johnny hits it off with Liz and - desperate to tell someone - he's about to share what happened with Rob when Carla interrupts them.


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