Episode 8827
Episode 8827
Production code P694/8827
ITV transmission date 29th January 2016
(Friday - Part 1)
Storyliners Martin Sterling
Stacey-Lee Eccles
Alasdair Morrison
Denise Watson
Sophie Roper
Danielle Jawando
Script editor Justine Potter
Story editor Kate Brooks
Writer Damon Rochefort
Designer Rosie Mullins-Hoyle
Director Brett Fallis
Executive Producer Kieran Roberts
Producer Stuart Blackburn
Previous episode 27th January 2016
Next episode 29th January 2016


Audrey is back from hospital and recuperating on the sofa at No.8 after having been diagnosed with angina. She enjoys the rest and watching old Joan Crawford films on television. Deeply embarrassed, Mary apologises to Asha and Aadi for her unacceptable behaviour and hands in her resignation to Dev. A nervous Tyrone and Fiz prepare for their visit to the hospital for Hope's results. Gail thanks Ken for coming to her mother's aid. Mary tells Rita and Norris about her resignation, though not the reason why. A tactless Sally asks Anna for a testimonial for her councillor candidacy. A deeply upset Mary also refuses to give her support. She can't get Brendan to return her calls. Aidan continues to give Johnny the cold shoulder. Rita confesses to a shocked Norris that she went to see Jenny. While he rants at her, Sophie enters the Kabin and overhears. She walks out, upset. Rita comes to a decision and sets out on a mission. Dev tells Erica and Liz how upset his children are at Mary's departure. He asks them to speak to her on his behalf. Rita calls at Jenny’s flat and, finding her visibly scared and clearly in a bad way, insists she’s coming to live with her. Luke turns up to visit Audrey with chocolates. As Jenny gathers her things, she expresses her fears about facing Kevin and Sophie again. Rita assures her they’ll cross that bridge together. Ken calls on Audrey with flowers but she refuses to discuss what she said to him last night. At Erica and Liz’s insistence, Mary joins them for a glass of wine in the Rovers and they ask her to reconsider her decision. While she in with them, Brendan returns her calls. A delighted Fiz and Tyrone are told that Hope is in remission. Richie O'Driscoll calls in the factory and invites Aidan and Johnny to a drinks party at his house on Monday. A woman approaches Mary in the pub and introduces herself as Bridget, Brendan's wife. As Rita and Jenny arrive back on the street in a taxi, they come face to face with Kevin, Sophie and Jack.


Regular castEdit

Guest castEdit



  • Three youths who accost Rita Tanner outside Jenny Bradley's bedsit are uncredited although two of them have lines of dialogue.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast: 6,700,000 viewers (15th place).

Notable dialogueEdit

Mary Taylor: "She could be quite prudish, my mother."
Liz McDonald: "Get away."
Mary Taylor: "Oh yes. In those days she wouldn't even eat a banana in public."

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