Determined not to let Sally spoil his trip, Tim packs and meets Kevin and Jack to go to Blackpool with them instead of her. As they set off, Sally makes up a story to explain her embarrassment to a passing Sean and Izzy. Carla calls at No.8 to see Nick but David claims he's doesn't know where he is. Inside the house, Nick has spent the night on the sofa and David tells him to get his scan results and talk everything through with Carla. Kate tries to put Johnny off helping Jenny but Aidan encourages him to go through with it. Rita tells Jenny that she's doing the right thing by going to see where her dad died and offers to give her directions to the exact place. Freddie tries to get the garage to look at his motorbike but is told they don't handle them. Carla confides in Michelle that Nick’s called off the wedding and she’s worried he may have found out about her one-night stand with Robert. The two don't believe that David is telling the truth. Sean makes a dig at Billy pointing out that they’d now be in Ibiza if it weren’t for him. Billy snaps at him and walks out of the Rovers, leaving Sean shocked. Tyrone gets an email saying he's got his cabbie's licence. He lets slip to an amused Beth and Izzy where Kevin and Tim have gone. Carla corners David in the salon and demands the truth. Feeling sorry for her, David tells Carla everything and she sets off for the Somerway Clinic to find Nick. The Underworld staff make fun of Sally. Tim, Kevin and Jack take a selfie on the Promenade and Tim posts it online. Sean confides in Todd that he’s worried Billy may have met someone else. Jenny shows Johnny the place where her dad was hit by a tram outside The Strand Hotel all those years ago. She determines to put the past behind her. Carla catches up with Nick and encourages him to confide in her. Jake's nursery gives Izzy twenty-four hours' notice that they can't have him for the day and Sean offers to look after him instead as she'll be at Gary's trial. The girls make Sally ashamed of the way she's treated Tim and she walks out of work, determined to put matters right. Todd tells Billy to talk to Sean. Lee watches from a distance. Sally tells Sophie she’s off to Blackpool to save her marriage.


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