Jack has misgivings about starting again in Majorca. Elsie refuses to let Ray be her lodger. Ena and Emily read the letter. Emily feels ashamed and argues with Ena who feels no guilt over the situation. Minnie tells Ernie that Ena wants the Camera Shop Flat inspected for rats before she moves in. Len sells his van for £300 to a friend of Ken's. The residents wonder if Ena will brave the Rovers again. Emily tells Annie that it’s best for her to leave the Rovers. Annie agrees, stringing her along. Dickie invites Ray to lodge with them. To everyone’s shock, Ena frequents the pub with no trace of embarrassment. Lucille asks Annie if Ray can lodge at at the Rovers but is refused. Annie stops Emily from leaving by reminding her of the time that she’s been a help and friend to them, blaming Ena for what happened. Len inspects the flat for defects. Ena refuses to move in unless they are fixed but Ernie calls her bluff by saying he can get another caretaker. Ray flirts with Audrey to Lucille's annoyance who tries to get him to lodge with Mrs Wrigglesworth on Rosamund Street but he refuses saying he’s quite happy where he is. Len tells Maggie that Newton & Ridley don’t know that Ray swiped £10 from one of their hotels two years ago and he’s not yet made up his mind to tell them. The Walkers decide to take the Majorca pub and announce it to the regulars.


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Annie Walker: "The usual, Mrs Sharples?"
Ena Sharples: "Without lipstick, if you don’t mind. The last glass I had in ‘ere reminded me of summat that Mae West had emptied."


Annie Walker: "Besides, you know, it really isn't bad for a woman's morale for people to believe that she can turn a handsome man's head on occasion."

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