Episode 8927
Production code P694/8927
ITV transmission date 19th June 2016
Storyliners Martin Sterling
Stacey-Lee Brennan
Alasdair Morrison
Denise Watson
Sophie Roper
Danielle Jawando
Script editor Jenny Heelham
Story editor Hannah Sowden
Writer Jonathan Harvey
Designer Rosie Mullins-Hoyle
Director Jo Johnson
Executive Producer Kieran Roberts
Producer Stuart Blackburn
Previous episode 14th June 2016
Next episode 23rd June 2016


Billy takes some time off work to get his head together. Caz gives Maria a rare children's book for Liam. Maria is touched while Kate is bemused by her generosity. Kirk convinces Beth to attend her school reunion at the bistro and offers to go with her. Cathy feels bad for embarrassing Alex and keeps reminding herself that he's 28. An agitated Sarah runs into Lee in the Corner Shop and asks after Billy. He takes her to his flat on the claim that Billy is on his way there. Beth goes to her reunion and is pleased to see her old boyfriend Dom but is shocked to discover he's married to her old nemesis Lindsey, who is also there. Sally gets Phelan to finish the summerhouse. Sarah is anxious as she waits for Billy and wonders if Lee is really his brother. Cathy makes up with Alex. Lee steals Sarah's phone and calls Billy from it, offering to release Sarah in exchange for £1,000. Sarah realises she's in trouble when he locks the door. Alex sees Gemma waiting for a bus to go to visit Callum's grave and "borrows" Roy's Woody to take her. Lindsey annoys Beth by boasting about her lavish lifestyle. Beth pretends she lives in an apartment at the quays and that Kirk is a chiropractor who works at the "Paquin" centre. Luke overhears Caz rowing with someone over the phone and demanding that they change their story. Billy isn't sure where Lee's calling from so he, Todd and David split up and look for him at three possible locations. Sally brags to Yasmeen that she's having two colleagues over from the council over for an evening drink. Sarah asks Lee whether Callum is alive to prove that he knows Billy. Lee thinks she's unhinged. Luke tells Maria and Kate what he heard but they think he got the wrong end of the stick. Yasmeen tries to sabotage Sally's meeting by suggesting to Tim that he have some mates over for some home brew to christen the new "pub", adding that she doesn't mind if he plays music loudly. Lindsey calls Beth out on her lies. Beth admits that he works in a factory and he's daft as a brush but says she loves him and they're happier than she can dream of. Her words have the desired effect on Lindsey but Kirk is upset that Beth called him thick. Kevin, Ken, Dev and Freddie join Tim in the Metcalfes' garden. Sarah becomes convinced that Callum is alive and goes into a blind panic. Lee makes things worse by pinning her to the floor, causing her mind to flash back to Callum's murder. At Callum's grave, Gemma says goodbye to her friend while Alex worries that Roy will notice the car is missing. Sarah makes a run for it and hits Lee in the knee with a table. Outside, David hears the commotion and busts the door open. He's followed by Billy and Todd. David shoves Lee out of the way and takes Sarah away while Billy angrily but unhappily tells Lee they're done for good. Alex returns the Woody and plants the keys back in the drawer. Maria asks Luke to drop his suspicions about Caz as they're having her and Kate over for Liam's birthday. David doesn't tell Gail what happened to Sarah. Showing signs of psychosis, Sarah refuses to believe that Callum is dead as she never saw what David and Kylie did with the body. She refutes David's point that he would never pretend to have buried a man under his mum's bed. Billy feels partly responsible for what's become of Lee. Todd sticks up for him. Sally sees her colleagues' car pulling up in the Street and quickly changes into her new jacket to greet them. She's horrified to find Tim's party in full swing in the garden and more so when Tim unabashedly hands them beer bottles, but she changes her tune when they compliment Tim on the beer. Yasmeen is horrified that her plan has backfired. Roy notices that the Woody is badly parked. Kylie thinks Sarah should see a doctor but David doesn't see a way for her to get help without revealing the truth about Callum.


Regular castEdit

Guest castEdit



  • Due to changes to the schedules caused by the Euro 2016 football tournament, no episodes were transmitted on Wednesday 15th, Friday 17th or Monday 20th June.
  • This one-hour episode was transmitted at 7.30pm.
  • Kate Waters was credited as the Fight Arranger on this episode.
  • A customer in the Rovers is uncredited despite having a line of dialogue.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast: 6,910,000 viewers (5th place).
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