On the anniversary of Deirdre's death, Ken arranges to take Amy to the cemetery at a different time from Tracy to avoid an argument. Tracy doesn't protest as she wants the day to be about Deirdre. Sean excitedly packs for London while Todd nurses a hangover, having gone clubbing after his disastrous declaration of feelings for Billy. Leanne agrees to take Simon to the cinema to see the new Ghostbusters. Chesney hears that Cilla is in hospital after suffering a fall and goes to Wolverhampton to check on her, leaving Gemma to run the kebab shop. Todd tells Tracy he regrets his honesty with Billy although he's surprised when Tracy advises him not to give up on Billy as life is too short. Billy gets Sean to book a later train so that he can clear the air with Todd, making out that he has some last minute parish business. Nick helps a limping Leanne up to her flat after she suffers back pain at work. Robert agrees to meet Tracy at the cemetery so she's not alone at her mum's grave. Todd can't bear to destroy Billy and Sean's relationship and tells Billy that what he said was just the drink talking and he doesn't fancy him. Billy doesn't believe him but realises he's not going to get anywhere and leaves. Leanne can't make her cinema date with Simon so Nick volunteers to take him. Gemma and Kylie agree to be friends now that the Callum business is over. Billy agonises over what to do and lets Eileen think that his anguish is due to him not feeling ready to meet Dylan. Robert finds Amy thinking about Deirdre on Maxine's bench and encourages her to think about how Tracy is feeling today. At the cemetery, Tracy thinks she has been stood up and goes in alone. Sean and a conflicted Billy set off for the station in a taxi but when they pass the flower shop, Billy calls for the cab to stop. He turns to Sean and says he can't do it.


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