Dickie celebrates his twentieth birthday. Lucille helps out Ray at his yard without telling Len. Hilda finds the £50 in Stan’s trouser pocket and demands to know where he got it from. Annie worries that Jack's medical let them down. Emily advises her to ask the brewery outright. Councillor Farnsworth asks Elsie to talk to Len but she refuses. Jack tells Hilda that Elsie gave Stan the £50. Hilda runs round to the florists demanding to know what’s going on. Hilda taunts her with gossip about her and Len and Elsie throws her out. A group of pensioners go on trip to the Fusiliers' Museum in Bury but Alice misses the bus there. Stan sells suit lengths that he has bought with the £50. Ray gives Alice a lift in his van to Bury. Len plans to leave the Council. Elsie wants Ena to help Len but Ena tells her that only she can help. Betty tells a troubled Hilda that some cloth has been stolen from a tailor’s. Annie cannot find out from the brewery the truth about why they were turned down. Elsie starts talking to Len and tells him not to give up his council work. Alice turns up suddenly at the museum, startling Albert as he’s lecturing the pensioners and causing him to fall off the box he’s stood on. He lands badly on the floor.


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  • Location filming for the Fusiliers' Museum was conducted at its real-life site at the Wellington Barracks on Bolton Road in Bury. In 2009, the museum moved to a purpose-built site in Moss Street, also in Bury.
  • TV Times synopsis: Stan enters the rag trade and Tatlock goes 'over the top'.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 5,500,000 homes (8th place).
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