Episode 8971
Production code P694/8971
ITV transmission date 19th August 2016
(Friday - Part 1)
Storyliners Martin Sterling
Stacey-Lee Brennan
Alasdair Morrison
Denise Watson
Sophie Roper
Script editor Davis Isaac
Story producer Hannah Sowden
Writer Damon Rochefort
Designer Rosie Mullins-Hoyle
Director Ian Bevitt
Executive Producer Kieran Roberts
Producer Kate Oates
Previous episode 17th August 2016
Next episode 19th August 2016


Steve fears that Michelle is closer to finding out about Leanne now that she and Liz have had words. His day goes from bad to worse when Michelle plans baby-making sex in the afternoon when she's at her most fertile. Izzy tells Gary that it would be for the best if he moved out. Eva excitedly shows Aidan some flat brochures. Aidan tries to use a business meeting to get out of viewing them but Johnny assures them he can handle it himself. Liz appeals to Leanne not to shut her out of her grandchild's life but Leanne is adamant that she can't be involved as Michelle will work out the truth. Leanne can't handle the pressure and decides to accept an offer from a friend of Toyah's to run a restaurant in Liverpool. Steve takes an airport run to escape Michelle. Alya reminds Zeedan to come up with something for Sharif and Yasmeen's 45th wedding anniversary on Monday. Steve finishes the airport run in time and pretends to be stuck in traffic to be away longer. Michelle downloads a pregnancy app at Maria's suggestion and works out that she's five days late. Simon isn't happy when Leanne tells him they're moving to Liverpool. Aidan finds fault with the flats he and Eva view. Tim makes Steve see that he must tell Michelle he doesn't want a baby. Aidan sees Maria buying a pregnancy test for Michelle and worries that she's buying it for herself. Amy suggests to Simon that he tell Nick that Leanne plans to leave as he could change her mind. Michelle takes the test and tells Maria and Kate that she isn't pregnant before summoning Steve home. Leanne finds Simon in the middle of telling Nick about Liverpool.


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