Episode 898
Production code P228/898
ITV transmission date 4th August 1969 (Monday)
Stories by Harry Driver
Esther Rose
Anthea Ingham
Writer Peter Eckersley
Designer Roy Graham
Director Tony Wharmby
Executive Producer H.V. Kershaw
Previous episode 30th July 1969
Next episode 6th August 1969


Cliff Stone tells Ena he's after his £74 savings under the floorboards which he left there when he was employed in the premises when it was a junk shop. Ena keeps the money, telling him he can have it in the morning. Alice tells Albert she has to go - for the sake of their good names. Stan tells Emily he wants to be a street photographer and she takes him on with extreme reluctance after he continually badgers her. Ena gets Cyril to join her in the flat for when Stone will come back for the money but he fails to turn up and later Cyril picks him up in the Waggon and Horses with £300 on him from a Post Office robbery. Ena finds the petty cash of £4 16/ has gone. Ray tells Elsie he's in for a chance of a corporation tender to covert four Victoria houses into an old people's home but needs up-front money. She refuses to give it to him. Stan borrows Marlon off Marj Griffin as a gimmick. Ken and Val wind up Albert to propose to Alice so that she can look after him. Hilda reads his palm and tells him that he will struggle on alone in a long and lonely life. Stan gets a mustard stain on his new trousers much to Hilda's annoyance. Albert proposes to Alice to get her to stay.


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