Episode 8
ITV release date 4th April 2011
Writer Jonathan Harvey
Producer Phil Collinson
Previous episode Episode 7
Next episode Episode 9


About to get into bed, Deirdre is perplexed - why has she got a hard-boiled egg, a spanner and a picture of Susan Boyle in her dressing gown pocket? She furrows her brow and tries to remember why the articles got there. The first candidate is the egg and she suddenly recalls that in boiling some the other day she thought she would retain one for her bathtime, seeing as how it was a high protein day on her diet. Recall is almost as quick for the picture of Susan Boyle: it is in fact the recipe for Moroccan Lamb on the back which she wants, despite the fact that she dislikes two of the key ingredients, lamb and almonds. That leaves the spanner which she remembers she found when tidying up and meant to put in the toolbox. Unfortunately she is now wide awake after her “detecting” work and decides to use the spanner to fix the wonky leg on the laundry basket, the noise of which keeps Ken awake.


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