Episode 903
Production code P228/903
ITV transmission date 20th August 1969 (Wednesday)
Stories by Harry Driver
Esther Rose
Anthea Ingham
Writer Susan Pleat
Designer Roy Graham
Director Eric Prytherch
Executive Producer H.V. Kershaw
Previous episode 18th August 1969
Next episode 25th August 1969


The Pink Posy is flooded by a leak and Dave is forced to ask Len for help as Ray is busy with other work. Dickie is annoyed when he finds out that Audrey is working for Ray and has delayed telling him. Betty match-makes between Maggie and Len by inviting him for tea. Ena can’t get hold of Alice to get a look at the photograph of the soldier. Lucille is devastated to find out that Ray chose Audrey for the job over her. Dickie admits to being jealous of Ray and asks her not to go back to work at Ray’s but she refuses. Val pinches the photograph to show to Ena and they realise that the man himself is drinking in the public of the Rovers. It is Alice’s son, Douglas, who turns up to check up on Albert as he’s the latest in a line of men who Alice has planned to marry. Alice confesses that Albert doesn’t know she has a son. Lucille and Audrey nearly come to blows in the Corner Shop when Lucille suggests that Audrey has been after Ray for a long time. Maggie intervenes to stop them. Douglas questions Annie over Albert’s character and lodges at the Ogdens. Albert’s attitude annoys him when they meet. Len and Maggie spend the afternoon stocktaking and get on well. Dickie throws Ray out of No.3. Audrey is furious.


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