Episode 9056
Production code P694/9056
ITV transmission date 14th December 2016
Storyliners Martin Sterling
Stacey-Lee Brennan
Alasdair Morrison
Sophie Roper
Script producer Verity MacLeod
Story producer Hannah Sowden
Writer Ellen Taylor
Designer Lisa Spencer
Director Brett Fallis
Executive Producer Kieran Roberts
Producer Kate Oates
Previous episode 12th December 2016
Next episode 15th December 2016


Pat tells Eileen that Anna is behind the hate mail and shows her the letter from last night, which warns that he's going to get what's coming to him. Pat plans to have a word with Anna rather than call the police as she's "suffered enough". Brian convinces Roy to take the day off to get away from everyone and to let him run the cafe in his stead. Alex believes that Roy and Cathy will get back together and is gutted when Cathy assures him that they're finished as a couple. She cries at the thought that Roy doesn't want her. Amy sees Tracy kissing Luke goodbye and asks if he's her boyfriend. Tracy is too embarrassed to admit the truth so pretends that he is and agrees to have him over for dinner. Anna puts off moving to No.13 as she's scared that Kevin will find her scarred body repulsive. At Kevin's insistence, she shows him her burns. He tells her she's beautiful. Tim proudly shows off Sally's Christmas - a globe - to Steve and Peter, prompting Steve to drag him along to help him buy a widescreen TV for Michelle. Robert is peeved when Street Cars are too busy to deliver an order for him. As he's still banned from driving, he takes up Michelle's offer to drive the bistro van. Anna visits the cafe to check on Roy and finds Brian struggling to cope. She takes charge. Alex barges past Brian in order to see Roy. Roy is surprised to hear how upset Cathy is and realises that she was putting on a brave face. Norris gives Mary a list of all Maureens and Judes living in the Newton-le-Willows area. Mary isn't interested. Luke agrees to come to dinner at No.1 but isn't happy about it as he has to cancel a date. Nessa calls on Cathy with a bottle of wine and encourages her to go out and find a new man. Cathy shares the bottle with her at No.6 instead. Pat taunts Anna in the cafe and threatens her if she carries on with her vendetta. Zeedan accuses Robert of fancying Michelle. Robert denies it. Kevin hears from Brian that Pat has upset Anna. Brian and Tyrone are shocked when an estate agent arrives at the cafe for a valuation. Anna admits to Kevin that she sent the hate mail to Pat as she wanted him to suffer.


Regular castEdit

Guest castEdit



Notable dialogue Edit

Alex Warner: "You love my Aunty Cathy, don't you?"
Brian Packham: "Please, lad-"
Alex Warner: "Don't you?"
Roy Cropper: "I thought I loved your Aunty Cathy, and I believed she felt similarly, but in the end we realised we were better off as friends."
Alex Warner: "That's not true. She doesn't want that."
Roy Cropper: "On the contrary, she's agreed wholeheartedly."
Alex Warner: "She's in bits. You've broken her heart."

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