Albert grumbles away in the church and Ken panics as he can’t remember who he gave the ring to for safekeeping. The Rev. Lingard tries to thumb lifts but no one stops for him and Aunt Ada. The bridal party waits outside for the signal to begin. Ena gives Ken the ring and Minnie extra tissues for when she starts crying. The ceremony starts but there is no vicar on the altar to officiate. With Lingard’s whereabouts unknown, the wedding guests have their photos taken by Ernie to save time. Albert suggests they go to the Co-op for the reception and come back for the wedding service. Their wedding car is Ray’s convertible. Lillian shows Dave their old photographs and love letters and he becomes wary when she asks him if they started again would things be different. The reception takes place. Douglas takes a fancy to Emily but a mix-up occurs when he asks Minnie who she is and Minnie tells him it's Elsie, thinking that's who he means. As the reception wears on, the vicar still can’t be found so the cake is cut and telegrams are read from Fred Tatlock, David and Irma Barlow and Jerry Booth. Alice realises her marriage isn't meant to be. The vicar turns up at the reception and apologises and offers a service on Monday morning. Albert refuses as they’ve agreed to part. Alice goes on the honeymoon to Morecambe alone. Lillian tells Dave she wants a divorce to marry someone else: Leo Slater, who’s on his way to Weatherfield to meet him and Lillian wants Dave to give him the once over.


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