Episode 9081
Episode 9081
Production code P694/9081
ITV transmission date 18th January 2017
Storyliners Martin Sterling
Stacey-Lee Brennan
Alasdair Morrison
Sam Holdsworth
Script producer Verity MacLeod
Story producer Hannah Sowden
Writer Mark Wadlow
Designer Lisa Spencer
Director Tim Dowd
Executive Producer Kieran Roberts
Producer Kate Oates
Previous episode 16th January 2017
Next episode 20th January 2017


As the Fire Investigator sifts through the charred remains of the garage, he finds a set of keys. Kevin surveys the scene, distraught. Steph tells Andy they’re flying to Portugal on Friday to stay with Katy and need to focus on getting as far away from Phelan as they can. Shona sets off for her first day at work in the cafe, hiding from David, as Eileen and Phelan plan their wedding for Friday. Kevin wonders if someone has a vendetta against him and thinks an electrical fault was to blame. He considers selling the bodyshop when the insurance pays out and Tyrone starts to harbour suspicions. In retaliation for Sally’s sex ban, Tim tries to impose a talking ban but finds it hard to maintain. Michelle breaks the news to Liz that she and Steve have separated. She heads off to visit Ruairi in the Chapel of Rest. Daniel thanks Sinead for all her help with his MA application and presents her with a venus fly trap, telling her it's mysterious and exotic like her. Liz tells Steve he has to persevere with Michelle but he goes off to get drunk. Luke and Freddie aren't pleased to find that their jobs are at risk. The fire investigator confirms that the blaze is now in the hands of the police as they suspect it’s a case of arson. Steve breaks down and confesses to Peter that Leanne is pregnant with his baby and he blames himself for Michelle’s ordeal as it’s payback for his terrible behaviour. The police confirm that with no sign of a forced entry and no sign of Kevin’s laptop it looks like arson. Steph and Andy tell a perplexed Luke of their plans to move Portugal. Sarah breaks the news to Bethany that she and Gary are back together. She's happy with the news. Roy explains the difference in VAT on 'eat in’ or ‘takeaway’ food to Shona does her best to appear interested. Sinead gets a book on the care of her plant. Tyrone tells Fiz of his suspicions. Eileen and Todd hide the news of the wedding from a gossiping Sean. Sally and Tim agree to lift both their bans but she wants them to find a shared hobby. In the Rovers, Tyrone accuses Kevin of arson as Andy and Steph watch on. An excited Eileen confides in Liz about the wedding. The police arrive at the pub and arrest Kevin in front of a guilt-ridden Andy.


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Notable dialogueEdit

Steve McDonald: "I can't believe I'm having to explain to Peter Barlow how two sad and lonely people can have a sordid night."

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